How Successful People Manage Stress

How Successful People Manage Stress? We see them in their chic offices of minimalist air. Everything seems calm. But reviews, income, achievements will tell you otherwise. Sometimes, we see them doing their art, chaotic to the normal eyes but in place to an artist. So, you ask yourself, how do they manage stress and be successful in their respective fields at the same time?
Well, accordingly, here are a few wisdom-filled gems from them:

  • Humor
  • Fear
  • Pick a Time-off Place
  • Know When to Unplug
  • Create a Daily Schedule that Suits Your Lifestyle
  • Accept that Critics are Part of the Universe You Live In

Let's review these 6 steps:

HUMOR – This is your knight in shining armor during tough times. The person who can find humor, no matter how difficult the situation usually ends up the winner.

FEAR – Fear is a playmate, not an enemy – Identify them and learn how to play its game.

PICK A TIME-OFF PLACE – You know, when things get out of hand, and you need a breather. Choose a spot. A chair, a window. It’s all up to you.

KNOW WHEN TO UNPLUG – These modern times had almost everyone, including children, hooked into tech that it has become a part of daily living. But, everything has its disadvantage and in the case of tech, it is slowly becoming apparent. So, make it a habit to UNPLUG, once in a while.

CREATE A DAILY SCHEDULE THAT SUITS YOUR LIFESTYLE – Sudden changes can result to high levels of stress. So, as much as you can, plan your weeks ahead.

ACCEPT THAT CRITICS ARE PART OF THE UNIVERSE YOU LIVE IN – If you can learn to deal with critics, then you can succeed in many parts of your life. Although, this is a very difficult thing to do, the advantages are aplenty.  

If this short article tickled your fancy or has renewed your spirit, and you would want to know more, a lot of resources are available. You can purchase books, eBooks, audio tapes, attend workshops, enroll in meditative classes, etc. Stress and success are two things you can handle.

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