Hi, I am Guy.

I help people to break their comfort zone
& live life at its full potential using
Micro-expressions, NLP and Coaching for success.

Discover the science of Micro expressions and lie detection.
It works 100%. Wanna transform your life?

I can help you with

1:1 Coaching

Gold opportunity for your employees to tell. It is their time to talk about what motivates them at work, what they want to improve on, and ask for feedback.

Career Coaching

If you are uncertain of your next career move or the direction you are headed, this will help, guide and support you in your journey.

Field Coaching

Field coaching is one of the most important tools for the continuing development of your sales team.

Corporate Training

Corporate training has evolved rapidly in recent years to move beyond training just new hires, sales people and leaders. 

Results I've Helped Create


Being 37 years old confused about your job not matching your personal values and keep attracting bastards requires some changes in your own behaviour. Not that easy to admit but mandatory if you want to get a chance of being happy some day. A mentor as taught me that and his name is Guy. The road is not so long neither painful and it really leads to happiness. Today I'm 39 found my dream job and I'm about to have a family with an amazing Man, friend and up coming father. Thank you so much Guy for guiding me, showing me and sharing with me the way to feel completed.

Stephanie M.

"I'm a long-term sufferer of anxiety and panic attacks who has spent almost two decades trying to find a solution to my issues. Just one session with Guy was enough to completely change the way I perceive and deal with my anxiety. He showed me a simple yet effective technique which produced an immediate effect on my emotional state. Also, Guy talked to me about a number of personal challenges I am currently dealing with, giving me advice and tips on how to tackle them. I would definitely recommend Guy's services as he is pleasant man, understanding, patient and considerate in his approach to clients."


"Wow! What a switch of mindset! In just few simple steps and several minutes. When you realise how easily Guy reprogram your mind, you want to fix all the aspects of your life! 🙂 Can't thank You enough Guy! Huge respect!"

Nataša K.

How much do you know about Micro expressions? This test will show you real world and real time micro expressions, can you spot them correctly? Get the result and start a challenge with your friends. Truth is written all over our faces. 

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